26 February 2009

www.battlegroundrelics.com online!!


Finally, the brandnew website is (99%) complete and up and running :-)

Contrary to this blog the new website is an interactive community website where everybody can register and upload photos, comment/rate posts or discuss at a forum. It has 4 main sections:

1) ALBUM: This section is dedicated to wartime photos.
2) RELICS: This section is dedicated to collectibles.
3) MILITOPEDIA: This section is dedicated to larger articles (e.g. about a certain LW unit)
4) FORUM: Here you can discuss topics of your choice.

There is even a chat room. Registered members can earn points by uploading content, by voting about other content and for each visit to their content. Based on the points earned you will receive a rank.

I also plan to continue posting exciting ebay auctions at BattleGroundRelics. However, in order to respect copyright and the ownership of the buyer (who often spend a lot of money and use these photos for their publications and wouldn't be glad to see their photos published in the www for free) I will only post links to auctions and now scans anymore. You will find regular updates here:


Here you can find more information about BattleGroundRelics: www.battlegroundrelics.com/faq

The start page looks like:

The album page looks like:

The actual post looks like:

07 November 2008


Hi there!

I am back :-)

You may have seen my previous project for a website for collectors. In the end it was most successful for modelers and artists and less for collectors because the focus was mainly on the exhibition of collectibles and other items.

I have a different concept in mind exclusively for militaria collectors and historians. But before I start spending much time and effort on this project I wanted to ask you wheter you would like to see such a platform or not. The features I have in mind are as follows:

as with my previous concept you will be able to show your own militaria collectibles here

here you can post any wartime photo you like (e.g. photos from your grandfather or other photos in your collection).

here you can write expert articles about collectibles (e.g. how to recognize a fake, etc.), about your latest addition to your collection, etc.

here you will be able to upload interesting source documents you would like to share with others.

5) NEWS:
here you will find news about upcoming auctions, current auctions (like it was done in this blog in the past, but with not only me contributing but all of you), etc. etc.

here you will find a traditional forum. All items in the album, library and news section can also be commented.

7) CHAT:
here you will be able to chat with other collectors or historians who are online

Now I want to now from you if you like this idea and which of above's features you would like to see. Please let me know using the voting poll and the comment box at the right.


12 January 2008

Showcase: Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 Manual

Hi there!
Today, I am back with a rare Bf 109 K-4 manual. I not only show this item to you but I also offer them (either in trade for Me 262 related documents or for sale to the highest bidder):

Original Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 Manual

It contains parts 1,2,3,4 and 5 in one big manual:

Teil 1: Rumpfwerk (fuselage)
Teil 2: Fahrwerk (landing gear)
Teil 3: Steuerwerk (flaps, rudders, etc.)
Teil 5: Tragwerk (wings)

The photos are very nice and clear not like in moder reprints. There are many larger drawings that can be folded out. If you are interested in the manual (either trade for Me 262 documents or for sale to highest bidder), please contact me via LWCollector@gmail.com
Your LWCollector!

Junkers Ju 88 Photos 12 Jan 08

Hi there!

I start the weekend with some
Junkers Ju 88 Photos
Your LWCollector!

Captured Ju 88 by British 320206167753

Preliminary manual for Ju 88 A-1 March 1939 160197481627

Ju 88 C 180205406757

Ju 88 with damaged propeller 170184819543

Photos from a photo album: 3Z+HP etc. 330203278112

Ju 88 5F+PM (?) 170184817473

Ju 88 PL+?? with emblem 170184818316

Crash-landed Ju 88 9K+?? KG 51 170184821948

Maintenance on two Ju 88 280190103084

Ju 88 with interesting camouflage 120206627560

Nice group photo with a Ju 88 320204381180

Junkers Ju 88 310013036752

Messerschmitt Me 109 Photos 12 Jan 08

Hi there!

And some more

Messerschmitt Me 109 Photos

More to come later. Enjoy!
Your LWCollector

Original Me 109 G manual with real photos of cockpit, FuG 16 radio, etc. 130188715243
I am currently offering a Me 109 G manual: Many drawings, photos, electrical wiring diagrams, sketches on 72 pages covering armament, radio, engine, maintenance, oxygen equipment, etc. etc. Published in 1944 by Swiss Army which operated about a dozen of Me 109 G that it got in exchange for destroying a Me 110 G nightfighter that landed by mistake in Switzerland and was equiped with the latest radar technology. Very interesting and absolutely rare!

Radio maintenance on a Me 109 - unusual view 350014281638

Me 109 E with unusual camouflage 350014281677

Group of JG 52 Me 109 at Calais 350014281722

Crash-landed Me 109 White 1 350014283257

Postcard with unusual view of a Me 109 E 310014014808

Post card with interesting view of a Me 109 G 310014014251

Group of pilots in front of a Me 109 170184822621

Me 109 B,C or D with white fuselage band and "1" on it 170184822877

Me 109 of Jagdgeschwader JG 54 Gruen Herz 250204363628

Me 109 of Jagdgeschwader JG 53 Pik As 280190102063

Group of photos of Ihlefeld's Me 109 rudder and other Me 109s 300189217516
Does anybody know more about the two WkNr shown?

Me 109 E with JG 27 (?) emblem 190189674880

Fieseler Fi 156 Photos 12 Jan 08

Hi there!

I am back with some
Fieseler Fi 156 Photos
More to come later today. Enjoy!
Your LWCollector!

Fi 156 ?B+XD 150204463080

Fi 156 GA+?? with emblem 170184824432

Fieseler Fi 156 250203431389

Fieseler Fi 156 with drop tank and emblem 170183799968

Camouflaged Fi 156 170183800034

Fi 156 in winter 1941/42 in Russia ??+NM 170183132252