25 September 2007

Agfa Photopaper

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Today, I want to give a very short overview about different Agfa photo paper that was used during the war and how to distinguish it from postwar Agfa photo paper. Being only a brief overview it doesn't claim to be complete. So, any additional information is welcome.
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AGFA Photopaper
AGFA (Actien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation” was founded in 1867 in Berlin and in the beginning produced only chemical compounds for photography. After 1913 the company offered also photo paper. From 1964 onwards it became Agfa-Gevaert GmbH. AGFA photo paper belonged to the most used photo paper before 1945 apart from LEONAR. The most common ones were AGFA-Brovira and AGFA-Lupex, which were produced also after 1945 but with a different logo (see the following photos).

Agfa-Lupex wartime
Agfa-Lupex wartime
Agfa-Brovira wartime
Agfa-Brovira wartime
Agfa Postcard wartime
Agfa-Lupex postwar
Agfra-Brovira postwar
Agfa postwar

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